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"When seeking new destinations, while captains of our own ships, partnering with a professional navigator can help set our most effective course."

The Consultant & Entrepeneur’s Coach

I am part expert coach, caring truth-teller, strategic thought partner, and accountability advocate, and carry my approach with compassion, honesty, research-based expertise, and a kind heart.

Self-Leadership Coaching

I’m a self-leadership coach for Consultants, entrepreneurs and business leaders. Self-leadership guides you to lead your life from within, directing your thoughts and actions, setting your course, following it, and correcting as you go with presence and self-awareness. Self-leadership is ultimately self-sustaining.


My vast experience as a consultant both with large firms and as an independent consultant leaves me understanding well the challenges inherent in being a consultant. Overwork, higher levels of stress and mental pressure, travel, and long hours can lead to lack of energy and balance, which ultimately causes an unhealthy lifestyle. My own journey through and past these challenges enables me to be of valuable service to consultants. Also, business leaders and entrepreneurs.


I’ve also coached for many years, both as part of my change management consulting work and as an executive coach. It’s with this combined experience that I help you build strong internal clarity, self-awareness and confidence that transforms your life and work. You will have more fulfilling professional and personal relationships.


I offer powerful options tailored to you or your organization’s specific needs, including one-on-one coaching, team coaching, as well as revitalizing individual intensives that strengthen the work we do and promote deepened self-awareness.

Individual Coaching

Personally Tailored to You with Deep Impact

Team Coaching

Time & Format Tailored to Your Needs

Immersive Intensives

Deepen the Work

Group Coaching Programs

Topic Focused

Executive Coaching

I’m passionate about building leaders’ personal and professional skills so they can thrive while increasing their ability to manage complexity and maximize their effectiveness. With two decades of experience coaching leaders, and entrepreneurs, I utilize a holistic approach to help clients lead and communicate authentically, sustain high performance and expand their influence and impact.

I provide critical challenge and support to develop and/or increase self-awareness and tap into your inner purpose, passion, values to develop:

  • Improved leadership capabilities
  • Boost in motivation and focus
  • More positive relationships
  • Greater ability to self-regulate
  • More confidence when making decisions
  • Ability to drive transformational change
  • Better business performance and goal achievement
Cheryl Martin

Self-Leadership Coaching

Self-leadership is the practice of understanding who you are, identifying your desired experiences, and intentionally guiding yourself toward them. It spans the determination of what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.


The coaching process includes these overarching areas:

Earners of the Certified Professional Coach (CPC) certification have satisfactorily completed the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) Coach Training Program consisting of 160 instruction and practice hours and have passed the final exam in accordance with approved International Coaching Federation (ICF) requirements. Earner demonstrates knowledge and proficiency using iPEC’s proprietary method of Core Energy Coaching™ and in core competencies outlined by the ICF.

Often people at a crossroads, looking at what’s next and wondering how to get there experience confusion, fear, hopelessness and feeling alone on their journey . . . . . . which means that they feel inauthentic, unfulfilled, numb or just going through the motions of life without a sense of purpose or joy. I help clients navigate this journey through phases of change, tapping into their inner essence, purpose and passion and connecting that with their outer goals that move them into action. The benefit of which is that clients arrive at great clarity and uncover the capacity they have to take control of their lives and know they have the power to be who they want to be and create the lives they want.
Stage of Next Chapter

Stages of The Next Chapter

Your Life is a Raw Opportunity,
Not Something that Happens to You

  • Reflection present chapter appreciate what works and what doesn’t, close this chapter with ease
  • Manage the experience of uncertainty, tap inner resources, awaken new possibilities, explore life anchors/support systems, create structures to support change
  • Explore/identify world view, passions, dreams, key values, life purpose; How you see things can open exciting new possibilities; how are you operating, what position are you taking, how do you see your next chapter?
  • Vision a clear picture of future possibilities, based on results of Exploration stage, Consider how you need to BE to make this happen, clarity on how you want to use rest of your life
  • Create life plan by determining financial, social, relationship needs, prioritizing, acknowledge development needs, commit to implementing plan
  • Plot necessary action toward future plan, initiate & participate in desired activities realistic expectations of the journey, embrace the plan, mindset of adventure
  • Integrate life plan, using discipline and balance, seeking support when necessary. This is your advan…(text is cut off)

Ready to Make a Change?

Each moment describes who you are, and gives you the opportunity to decide if that’s who you want to be.

Ready to Make a Change?