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Vicky, newly retired

“When I began coaching I was in a whirlwind, my world was spinning out of control and I no longer had the support of a partner. I wasn’t sleeping enough and lost and unclear how to feel better about my situation. My goal was to have a plan for moving forward, but my anxiety kept me from focusing and I didn’t know what I wanted or what to do about it. Once I was able to settle down out of panic, first following daily routines of self care, then following activity agendas that got me out in the world, I began to find myself again. Instead of building an actual plan, with Cheryl’s guidance, I was doing things and joining groups where I found support and felt less alone. She helped me to see things I didn’t realize about how my marriage failed. We focused on self-awareness and exploration to discover who I am and express it. I felt supported as I got my social legs back. I gained confidence as I learned who I am now and began trusting my own decisions. The biggest take away for me is how she helped me create what I had called a post-retirement plan, that I now call my life plan. After a year I have direction as a newly single retired woman and feel grounded in who I am beyond that description.”

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