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Marie, a VP in a large consulting firm

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I first realized this during a particularly stressful period at work when a major project didn’t go as planned. I felt an overwhelming sense of inadequacy and questioned my career path. Simultaneously, at home, I noticed growing distance in my relationships with my family. It was a wake-up call that I needed to make significant changes.

My biggest fear was that I would continue down this path of stress and dissatisfaction, eventually burning out and losing everything I had worked so hard to achieve. I was also afraid of making changes that might disrupt my career and financial stability.

After working with you, my life has transformed significantly. I now feel a sense of balance and fulfillment that I never thought possible. I’ve learned to manage my professional responsibilities more effectively while also prioritizing my personal life. My relationships with my family have deepened, and I feel more connected to myself. I wake up each day with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity.

The biggest difference was the personalized and holistic approach of your coaching. You didn’t just provide generic advice; you took the time to understand my unique challenges and aspirations. Your guidance in things I didn’t even have a language for like developing a growth mindset, embracing vulnerability, and aligning my actions with my core values has changed everything.

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