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Inspirational Reflections — A Journal of the Unfolding of Your Life

Inspirational Reflections is a full color, 160 page journal with images interspersed throughout the writing pages, intended to be a catalyst for inspiration as you journal.  A long-time photographer, my photographs include landscapes, cultures and people from across the globe.


I am an avid journal myself, with a desire to learn and grow, I have included in the opening my thoughts on topics I  have  explored and that are recognized as common life themes. The power of inspiration, the inner journey of finding purpose, finding our essence, and the power of being are themes included for your consideration as you explore and capture your own life journey.

Susan Sontag, a thought-provoking author who also wrote on photography, said that in her journal she doesn’t just express herself more openly than she could to any person, she creates herself!  I found that to be a powerful testament.

Journaling can capture your life journey and is a perfect adjunct to coaching for capturing your process as you focus on becoming the best version of yourself and begin to apply it to all areas of your life. The journal is an opportunity to record what and how you:

  • Gain greater self-awareness
  • Discover your strengths
  • Discover areas for development
  • Dissolve limitations
  • Consider important concepts that will help you move forward

Inspirational Reflections images can inspire you as you write!

Inspirational Reflections

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