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Mastering Midlife

Strategic Moves for Your Next Chapter

Transforming Transitions into Opportunities

Cheryl Martin

I’m Cheryl Martin, and I’m here to empower and guide individuals through the transformative journey of midlife. I believe that midlife is a unique and pivotal stage, ripe with opportunities to grow and build a vibrant future!

I help individuals and leaders in mid and late life achieve a future filled with purpose, passion and fulfillment.  With over fifteen years of experience coaching individuals faced with change in their corporations, as a change management consultant, and also in my coach practice, I grew to enjoy working with mid and late life clients.  This stage of life can be a launchpad for building an extraordinary future!

My work is grounded in positive psychology, spiritual psychology, and the transformational aspects of mindset and somatic body related work. I partner with clients through a process of self-exploration, healing, and renewal. Merging mindset and somatic coaching is powerful in that clients can embody what they learn and experience.

Midlife Challenges

Mid and late life leaders share with me that they feel frustrated by the overwhelming challenge of balancing demanding careers, evolving family dynamics, and personal fulfillment. They tell me they long for a sense of purpose, deeper connections, and a more balanced, satisfying life.

If you are a leader navigating midlife, you face unique challenges that require tailored support and strategic insight. My specialized programs for midlife leaders are designed to help you harness your experience, overcome obstacles, and create meaningful change within your professional and personal life. Discover how my approach can help you lead with renewed vigor and authenticity and find balance with your personal life.

My Coaching Services

I offer a range of services, including individual coaching, group coaching, team coaching, coaching intensives, and speaking.

One On One

Experience personalized coaching tailored to your journey, whether navigating relationships, professional transitions, age-related concerns, finding purpose, re-imagining life, or self-discovery. I provide the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals confidently.


These are dynamic groups where you can share experiences, gain insights, and grow together with like-minded individuals. Group coaching fosters a supportive community, encouraging collaboration and mutual growth as you tackle midlife transitions and beyond.


Enhance your team’s performance and cohesion with specialized coaching designed for corporate environments. I work with midlife leaders and their teams to build stronger connections, improve communication, and drive collective success within your organization.


Dive deep into transformative change with intensive coaching sessions tailored to your needs. These focused, immersive experiences are perfect for clients seeking rapid progress and profound breakthroughs in their personal or professional lives, ensuring lasting results.

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Client Success Stories

Vicky, newly retired

“When I began coaching I was in a whirlwind, my world was spinning out of control and I no longer had the support of a partner. I wasn’t sleeping enough and lost and unclear how to feel better about my situation. My goal was to have a plan for moving forward, but my anxiety kept me from focusing and I didn’t know what I wanted or what to do about it. Once I was able to settle down out of panic, first following daily routines of self care, then following activity agendas that got me out in the world, I… Read more “Vicky, newly retired”

Jim, an SEO of a global corporation

I’ve adapted my leadership style to be more inclusive and responsive to my team and the changing industry landscape. Cheryl helped me with a range of communication that helped me to understand my relational style, my patterns and triggers to improve my relationship with my team.  I found aligning my actions more closely with my core values gave me new direction.  The biggest value was having the support and guidance I needed to rebuild a relationship with my leadership team. I have a more clear roadmap for my future and legacy.  I was skeptical about coaching and impressed with Cheryl’s… Read more “Jim, an SEO of a global corporation”

Marie, a VP in a large consulting firm

I first realized this during a particularly stressful period at work when a major project didn’t go as planned. I felt an overwhelming sense of inadequacy and questioned my career path. Simultaneously, at home, I noticed growing distance in my relationships with my family. It was a wake-up call that I needed to make significant changes. My biggest fear was that I would continue down this path of stress and dissatisfaction, eventually burning out and losing everything I had worked so hard to achieve. I was also afraid of making changes that might disrupt my career and financial stability. After… Read more “Marie, a VP in a large consulting firm”

Speaking Engagements

Inspire and motivate your audience with impactful talks on midlife and leadership. I speak to corporate leaders and teams, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities of midlife, and offering insights on how to thrive in this pivotal stage of life. We need call to action wrap up sentence here – > If you have a team, event, conference or  any other occasion that you’re looking for a motivational speaker, I would be  happy to custom-create a message for you.
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