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Client Success: Marie

Marie, a VP in a large consulting firm, a midlife leader, was struggling with adapting to the rapid changes in her industry, maintaining a meaningful connection with her family, and finding a sense of purpose beyond her corporate achievements. The more she tried to keep up, the more overwhelmed and isolated she felt.

Marie midlife leader

“I first realized this during a particularly stressful period at work when a major project didn’t go as planned. I felt an overwhelming sense of inadequacy and questioned my career path. Simultaneously, at home, I noticed growing distance in my relationships with my family. It was a wake-up call that I needed to make significant changes.

My biggest fear was that I would continue down this path of stress and dissatisfaction, eventually burning out and losing everything I had worked so hard to achieve. I was also afraid of making changes that might disrupt my career and financial stability.

After working with you, my life has transformed significantly. I now feel a sense of balance and fulfillment that I never thought possible. I’ve learned to manage my professional responsibilities more effectively while also prioritizing my personal life. My relationships with my family have deepened, and I feel more connected to myself. I wake up each day with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity.

The biggest difference was the personalized and holistic approach of your coaching. You didn’t just provide generic advice; you took the time to understand my unique challenges and aspirations. Your guidance in things I didn’t even have a language for like developing a growth mindset, embracing vulnerability, and aligning my actions with my core values has changed everything.”

Client Success: Jim

Jim was a CEO, NA for a global corporation, having trouble succeeding because his relationship with his leadership team was poor and he wasn’t favored by the Chairman.  He brought proof of the trouble with his leadership team in the form of a 360 degree feedback instrument he had a firm conduct with his leadership team, which brought terrible scores and comments.  He wanted to build strategy to improve his role with his team so he could build success.

I’ve adapted my leadership style to be more inclusive and responsive to my team and the changing industry landscape. Cheryl helped me with a range of communication that helped me to understand my relational style, my patterns and triggers to improve my relationship with my team.  I found aligning my actions more closely with my core values gave me new direction.  The biggest value was having the support and guidance I needed to rebuild a relationship with my leadership team. I have a more clear roadmap for my future and legacy.  I was skeptical about coaching and impressed with Cheryl’s solid business understanding and how she weaved in personal development.

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