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Absolute passion is the highest form of consciousness.

My Professional Story

I’ve always had a natural passion for personal growth to become the best versions of ourselves. My early career in the training & development area is when my interest in coaching was ignited and I felt an immediate resonance and alignment.  


Working within the organizational development arena I designed human performance training and business skills training in areas of sales, management, customer service, and leadership. My enjoyment in that arena was driven by my interest in human growth and development. I also served as an executive coach on corporate coaching teams and coached individuals as well. When an executive came to me for coaching as he was early retiring and looking for renewed purpose, The Next Chapter program grew from the framework I used for our coaching.  Soon I had more early retiring executives enrolling with me and enjoying the discovery process of Next Chapter program. It was a highlight for me as I greatly enjoyed coaching brilliant, committed clients who were truly excited about discovering new work that often was something they had carried as a dream for some time.


I was doing a variety of coaching and program design, including some outplacement coaching. Then my work evolved from the learning & development area to Management Consulting for several large firms and I specialized in Organizational Change Management when it was a relatively new space as the topic of transition and change has always interested me.  My graduate study had been in psychology, which was based, in part, on how people grow and change. I chose to take what I had learned into business, and it served to support my change management work.


I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to work with change in both my coaching and consulting. Change management consulting has two components. It requires evaluating the level of change to various stakeholder groups and building an appropriate change strategy and plan for the transformation. This extensive work involves much coaching and facilitation, all of which I have enjoyed.


My vast experience in the business world in complex, uncertain, and often ambiguous environments provided me the opportunity to coach leaders and managers as they handled a variety of challenges and opportunities. My vast experience coaching all levels of employees on corporate coach teams and in outplacement programs as well as clients in my private practice provides me the opportunity to offer transformational coaching to business leaders seeking growth and performance to individuals yearning for a more fulfilling personal and professional experience in life.


Along the way, I’ve had coaches to guide and support me as well.  I gained clarity, increased self-awareness, and transformed areas of my life. 

Moved by music and imagery, I am an enthusiastic visionary with a natural passion for personal transformation.  Early in my career in the training & development area, I was naturally drawn to coaching as it aligned with my longstanding interest in personal development. Yet, this was long before I decided to make it my profession and get certified from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching more recently.

From training & development I had moved into Management Consulting and specialized in Organizational Change Management, drawn to how people process change and interested in working with organizations to help their employees navigate change. My graduate work had been in psychology, which I chose to take into business, so change management was a natural for me.  It involved coaching leaders to be effective change leaders and guiding employees at all levels through organizational changes.

While I continue to consult with organizations undergoing change involving coaching that is required to meet change management objectives, I am also fulfilling a longstanding desire to coach clients on a more personal level, with clients wanting to improve or optimize areas of their life, outside of my organizational change consulting work.  Cheryl Martin Coaching was born!

My fifteen years working with leaders and their employees on how to navigate change and my earlier graduate work in psychology, and a certification from a transformational coach program provides a powerful foundation for me as a coach. I understand how our brains process change and how to support that process with clients in transition, having worked with hundreds of employees faced with changing the ways they work.

Still drawn to the process of change I coach individuals who are reassessing life or at a crossroads to clarify and create roadmaps for who they ideally want to be and what they want in life.  My executive coaching provides critical challenge and support for developing leadership capabilities, business change capability, and performance and goal achievement.

Cheryl Martin
I’m drawn to be in nature as it’s where I am most in touch with myself, the universe, and where I explore, exercise, play, and rejuvenate! A long-time Colorado resident I enjoy hiking, cycling, kayaking, and exploring in the Rocky Mountains. I also have a natural affinity for water, and enjoy exploring ocean beaches, lakes or rivers anywhere in the world. My love of the ocean has resulted in a large seashell collection that graces my home. Music is essential in my life and I enjoy growing things.  I’m most alive when looking through my camera lens!  As a longtime photographer I create unique compositions from the great resources of color, shape and texture in nature and world cultures.  I have always enjoyed traveling to experience and learn about other cultures, so capturing the richness of the people and their customs and landscapes has been the focus of my photography.

I’ve integrated the inspiration I’ve felt as I photograph with my love of journaling to create an inspirational journal that intersperses some of my images throughout.

Inspirational Reflections — A Journal of the Unfolding of your Life  It holds the tagline ‘The Elements of an extraordinary life are found in the moments of an ordinary day.

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Absolute passion is the highest form of consciousness.