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Mastering Midlife

Strategic Moves for Your Next Chapter

Transforming Transitions into Opportunities

Cheryl Martin

I’m Cheryl Martin, and I’m here to empower and guide individuals through the transformative journey of midlife and latelife. I believe that midlife is a unique and pivotal stage, ripe with opportunities to grow and build a vibrant future!

I help individuals and leaders in midlife and latelife achieve a future filled with purpose, passion and fulfillment.  With over fifteen years of experience coaching individuals faced with change in their corporations, as a change management consultant, and also in my coach practice, I grew to enjoy working with midlife and latelife clients.  This stage of life can be a launchpad for building an extraordinary future!

My work is grounded in positive psychology, spiritual psychology, and the transformational aspects of mindset and somatic body related work. I partner with clients through a process of self-exploration, healing, and renewal. Merging mindset and embodiment coaching is powerful in that clients can embody what they learn and experience.

Midlife Challenges of Corporate Leaders

Mid and late life leaders share with me that they feel frustrated by the overwhelming challenge of balancing demanding careers, evolving family dynamics, and personal fulfillment. They tell me they long for a sense of purpose, deeper connections, and a more balanced, satisfying life.

If you are a leader navigating midlife, you face unique challenges that require tailored support and strategic insight. My specialized programs for midlife leaders are designed to help you harness your experience, overcome obstacles, and create meaningful change within your professional and personal life. Discover how my approach can help you lead with renewed vigor and authenticity and find balance with your personal life.

My Coaching Services

I offer a range of services, including individual coaching, coaching intensives, group coaching, team coaching, and speaking.

One On One

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Experience personalized coaching tailored to your journey, whether navigating relationships, professional transitions, age-related concerns, finding purpose, re-imagining life, or self-discovery. I provide the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals confidently.


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Dive deep into transformative change with intensive coaching sessions tailored to your needs. These focused, immersive experiences are perfect for clients seeking rapid progress and profound breakthroughs in their personal or professional lives, ensuring lasting results.


These are dynamic groups where you can share experiences, gain insights, and grow together with like-minded individuals. Group coaching fosters a supportive community, encouraging collaboration and mutual growth as you tackle midlife transitions and beyond.


team coaching at Cheryl Martin Coaching

Enhance your team’s performance and cohesion with specialized coaching designed for corporate environments. I work with midlife leaders and their teams to build stronger connections, improve communication, and drive collective success within your organization.

Client Success Stories

Vicky, later life newly retired from HR, then unexpectedly divorced after having been married for 30+ years, began coaching with me feeling anxiety and uncertainty about her future. Almost all areas of her life were in flux and she had lost her footing.

“When I began coaching I was in a whirlwind, my world was spinning out of control and I no longer had the support of a partner. I wasn’t sleeping enough and lost and unclear how to feel better about my situation. My goal was to have a plan for moving forward, but my anxiety kept me from focusing and I didn’t know what I wanted or what to do about it.

Once I was able to settle down out of panic, first following daily routines of self care, then following activity agendas that got me out in the world, I began to find myself again. Instead of building an actual plan, with Cheryl’s guidance, I was doing things and joining groups where I found support and felt less alone. She helped me to see things I didn’t realize about how my marriage failed. We focused on self-awareness and exploration to discover who I am and express it.

I felt supported as I got my social legs back. I gained confidence as I learned who I am now and began trusting my own decisions. The biggest take away for me is how she helped me create what I had called a post-retirement plan, that I now call my life plan. After a year I have direction as a newly single retired woman and feel grounded in who I am beyond that description.”

A Journey of Balance and Growth

Working with me transforms that feeling of being overwhelmed into a journey of balance and growth. Instead of feeling like you’re constantly struggling to keep up, you’ll learn strategies and gain insights that help you adapt to industry changes, reconnect with your authentic self, and find deeper meaning and satisfaction in both your professional and personal life.
I look forward to working with you. Schedule your Discovery Call with me today!