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"When seeking new destinations, while captains of our own ships, partnering with a professional navigator can help set our most effective course."

Ensure Success with Guidance and a Purposeful Roadmap

If you are at a crossroads, feeling unfulfilled, something deeper, larger, better is awakening in you or you feel there’s something inside (something you hesitate to share) holding you back from a better version of you and/or your life

And . . .

You find yourself on an emotional pendulum, swinging from wanting to move forward to feeling unclear, having doubt, or fear that keeps you stuck


Change is in progress and you want guidance to perform at optimal levels mentally, emotionally and physically and ensure your success and fulfillment

... I can help.

Working within the human development arena for many years as a business consultant and individual coach, my expertise extends from corporate leaders seeking growth and performance to those yearning for a more fulfilling personal and professional experience in life.

Can you imagine having more control over the hours you work and still delivering higher value?


Can you imagine less work intensity and daily challenge with your work?


Can you imagine your work being driven more by your expertise and less by the demands of your clients?


Can you imagine having more energy and balance?


Imagine this while also having more fulfilling professional and personal relationships.

I coach individuals, like yourself, to create the personal and professional life you desire by guiding you through the complexities of life to have breakthroughs that create new possibilities. We discover and plan your ideal path forward.

These situations describe where individuals, I have coached, often are in their journeys:

  • You’re in mid/late life, re-assessing life, feeling unfulfilled, feeling there’s something more:
    • Unclear about your path forward
    • Navigating ageism challenges (is it holding you back?)
    • Unclear who you are at this stage of your journey
    • Considering retirement
  • You’re a leader wanting to elevate your leadership in your company
  • You’re an entrepreneur wanting guidance, balance, success & fulfillment
  • You want to finally take that step into what you always wanted, but considered to be out of reach or even impossible. And now ready to go for it!

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All experiences are opportunities for growth. K

“Our journey of growth and success is first an internal one.”
John Maxwell
Life is a perfect adventure; a game that cannot be won or lost, only played.
The elements of an extraordinary life are found in the moments of an ordinary day...
...each moment describes who you are, and gives you the opportunity to decide if that’s who you want to be.